Lacoste Limited Edition By Fernando And Humberto Campana

Design is always a tricky business. Especially when over-logo-ing a piece of whatever (in this case a piece of Lacoste). Esteemed designers Fernando and Humberto Campana worked around the Lacoste logo and the outcome is rather interesting (to say the least).

The Brazilian design duo is most famous for their animal-furniture (like the Alligator-Chair or the Boa sofa) so it comes as no surprise at all seeing them work with Lacoste reptiles to add a special design dimension to the iconic brand. Using the natural habits of green alligators (piling up in mud beds during the dry season), a 2D replica of this natural behavior was used to create the Campanas + Lacoste Limited Edition series: 125 pieces for men and 125 pieces for women (plus a super limited edition made to order with 12 pieces for men and 12 pieces for women).

The special edition t-shirts were produced in cooperation with Coopa-Roca, a sustainable development from Rio de Janeiro providing work to women in the Rocinha neighborhood. Besides the lizard-bugs polos, the most amazing signature piece from this cooperation is the Sumer Limited Edition Polo made only from Lacoste logos in a lace-like appearance.

The Collection was officially launched in Paris, France, the 27th June in a very special installment at the Hotel de Roquelaure, part of the Save Your Logo Campaign from Lacoste.